Dimplex Revillusion Electric Fireboxes and inserts

Widely considered to be the best flame for an electric fireplaces in North America, Dimplex Revillusion, won the 2016 Vesta award for Best Electric Product.  And now, this breakthrough technology is also recognized as a finalist for the 2016 NAHB Global Innovation Award.

Dimplex has become synonymous for having the most realistic flame in the industry and Revillusion is pushing the category forward by blurring the lines between electric and combustion fireplaces.  Using new and patented technology, Revillusion achieves the elusive goal of an electric fireplace with the true depth and charm of a wood-burning fireplace. Dimplex Revillusion range are sized to fit your old wood fireplace with 30", 36" and 42" variants.

The unique ThruViewTM Design lets you look through the flames to the back of the fireplace, which doubles the visible depth and dramatically changes the overall authenticity. Revillusion Built-in Electric Fireboxes offer unprecedented depth, stunning realism day or night, and customization that allow each individual to tailor the fireplace experience to their unique personality.  There is no easier or more versatile way to turn a vision for a custom fireplace into reality, simply frame the firebox, connect the electrical supply and finish.  With no combustion, there is no venting or safety clearance to worry about so virtually any surround material or location is possible.  The choice to plug in the firebox using the optional plug kit or hardwire to 120 or 240-volt electrical supply can be made based on the installation and heating needs.

In their press release Dimplex offered the following comments...

“For over 25 years in North America, Dimplex has been committed to fostering outstanding research, product innovation and design excellence in the category of electric fireplaces,” says Jane Bradley, Director of Marketing for Dimplex North America.  “Our newly patented Revillusion™ fireplace technology provides construction and design professionals with premium-quality electric options to meet their client’s needs, while achieving the efficiency demands of Net-Zero Construction and regional clean air programs across the nation. We are truly honored to be a contender for 2016 NAHB Global Innovation Award.”