Dimplex Electric Fireplaces

Dimplex invented the modern electric fireplace and to this day is the most innovative electric fireplace manufacturer with a patented 3D effect that gives their fires depth and dancing flames, this is unique to Dimplex electric fireplaces.

Dimplex electric fireplaces are 100% efficient with no harmful emissions and create a warm focal point for your home, while reducing environmental impact.

> Dimplex electric fireplaces use 90% less energy than gas fireplaces to produce visual flames.
> No combustion means no greenhouse gasses.
> Fireplaces equipped with Purifire air treatment system improves indoor air quality.
> Ideal for zone heating - warm a 20' x 20' room and lower the central thermostat.
> 100% efficient with no wasted energy.

Dimplex electric fireplaces logo
Dimplex is especially adept at wall mount electric fireplaces

When you buy Dimplex you get much more than just the best electric fireplace in the world. Dimplex offers exclusive in-home service on many of our electric fireplace products.

So, whether its parts, an in-home service call or just some advice you need, we'll make sure you're enjoying the warm glow of your fireplace again in no time.

Dimplex is headquartered in North America, where they do everything from design and product engineering to help customers with toll-free technical support. With Dimplex, you not only get the world's finest electric fireplace...but total peace of mind as well.

Dimplex offers the best warranties in the business. Period. Up to an unprecedented 10 years on select models. Not surprisingly, the best electric fireplaces in the business are also the best backed.

Seen here are our featured Dimplex electric fireplaces,

Small Rooms - 34 inch wall mount electric fireplace BLF34 Wickson

Medium Rooms - 50 inch wall mount electric fireplace BLF50 Synergy          **MOST POPULAR**

Latest Technology - 50 inch wall mount electric fireplace with full spectrum RGB colours BLF5051 Prism

Large Rooms - 74 inch wall mount electric fireplace BLF74 Galveston


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